Andy Leleisi'-uao

The Immigrants ( Triptych ) 2000
Acrylic on board
121 x 239 cm
"With this work I pay homage to all Tangata Pasifika (Pacific people)who have migrated to Aotearoa New Zealand looking for work. It is also a reminder to all of us, that our Brown Consciousness must not be stagnated, we must take hold of whatever circumstances are offered to further ourselves together. The symbolism's I use like the 'party glasses ' reflect a more serious racial connotation, while the zips in their pockets would usually be placed over their mouths."



Andy Leleisi'-uao
Born 1969
A Samoan born in New Zealand in 1969, raised and educated in Mangere, South Auckland, Andy Leleisi'uao started painting after leaving school. Working in a factory left him little time for creativity and it was not until 1994 that he was able to paint seriously. Since then Leleisi'uao has had many exhibitions. He is currently on a scholarship undertaking a masters degree in Visual Arts at Auckland University of Technology.
"My work deals with identity and dislocation, reflecting contemporary urban life as well as my own. I often address such issues as domestic violence, unemployment, and suicide. I believe it is important to raise these issues to provide and provoke debate. It is something I just do."

1) The Immigrants (Triptych) 2000
Acrylic on board
Panel 1: 96 x 66 cm
Panel 2: 119 x 109 cm
Panel 3: 121 x 64 cm
2) Patterns of my Lavalava 1999
Oil on canvas
250 x 150 cm

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