director's statement

Global Arts Link (GAL) in the heart of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia is pleased to host this exciting exhibition celebrating the vibrancy of Maori and Pacific Islander cultures through the visual arts.
In the development of the exhibition GAL has been working closely with the significant Maori, Samoan and Pacific Islander communities in South East Queensland to celebrate the important contribution the cultures of the Pacific play in the cultural life of our region. This exhibition strategically links the large Maori, Samoan and Pacific Islander communities to the broader community and heralds the strength, vitality and complexity of cultural expression in the Pacific.
I would like to thank the community for their generous support in developing, promoting and participating in the exhibition and program of events. This exhibition is part of a continuum of exhibitions and activities that engage with the cultures of the Pacific and I look forward to GAL's ongoing involvement with profiling and presenting the rich cultural traditions and contemporary practises of our communities.
I would like to thank curator Giles Peterson for his passion, enthusiasm and determination to share the contemporary art of Maori and Pacific Islander artists living in New Zealand with Australian audiences. Additionally many thanks to the participating artists without whom the exhibition would not have been possible. This exhibition presents a range of viewpoints of the experiences and reinforces the importance of respecting and re-inventing cultural traditions.
Many thanks to community representatives:
Pat King, Reg Tohia, Philip Luafutu,
(Rev) Tim Vaafusuaga (on behalf of Rev Milo Faaleava),
Savali Harvey, Gaigo G Homosi, Alofa Afamasaga,
Faaua Lologa, Antonio Tuia, Rose & Suli Helu,
Pesi Luafutu, Tusi Luafutu, Tu Thompson,
Val Millway, Lyn Buckley, Ziba Kalantary,
Veronique McGuire, Fiona Saunders, Connie Hitchenor,
Frank Molloy, Helen Fraser, Maureen Wilson,
Melissa Staples and Jacki Ferro.
GAL staff:
Sharon Ford, Malcolm Paterson, Tim Lynch,
Marie Giess, Suzanne Matulich, Maureen Miller,
Pip Carson, Victoria Garton, Zoe Keding, Penny Radford
and the team of dedicated volunteers.


Louise Denoon
Global Arts Link


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