Lily Laita

How Do You Like Your Culture? (diptych) 1999
Acrylic and oil stick on builders paper
200 x 300 cm
"The work is fairly layered - conscious of time and place it was inspired by a visit to the Christchurch Museum, whilst undertaking a residency at the University of Canterbury. The museum's portrayal of Moahunter culture lead me to consider the manipulation and exploitation of indigenous culture and the literal and perceptive issues of ownership and copyright beyond the anthropologic gaze."



Lily Laita
Born 1969
Samoan / Maori
(Ngati Raukawa /
Lily Laita grew up in Whangaparoa New Zealand and is of Samoan and Maori (Ngati Raukawa / Rangitane) descent. Laita is an art teacher as well as a mixed media artist :painter, printmaker and ceramic sculptor and has exhibited in many exhibitions which have been important in bringing the work of Pacific artists to mainstream attention. Laita's work often challenged the representations of Pacific Island people, frequently countering stereotypes. Her works typically defy the notion of what constitutes Pacific Island art while addressing the different ways that cultures communicate and record knowledge.
"Although there is no collective mindset to celebrate the work of the 'masters' with a Mexican wave; we are all responsible and liable for constructing our cultural identities."

1) How Do You Like Your Culture ? (diptych) 1999
Acrylic and oil stick on builders paper
Panel 1 : 200 x 150 cm
Panel 2 : 200 x 150 cm
2) The Culture of Gossip 1999
Acrylic and oil stick on builders paper
150 x 300 cm

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