Lonnie Hutchinson

Its all Good ... 2000
Cabin bread crackers, wool, shellac, paint
60 x 70 cm
“Its all good ...' (in the hood), refers to neighbourhoods, communities, state house kids, Auckland. Its about comfort and security - the crackers refer to nourishment, the tin mugs - cups of tea, the wool - warmth, aiga (family). The grid pattern of the mat - society. Our families didn't have money but what we did have we shared, and many times after school we would be sitting around someone's table, drinking black tea and munching on cabin bread thick with butter and jam. I often think of those times and am reminded of the unity and love we shared."



Lonnie Hutchinson
Born 1963
Samoan / Maori
(Ngai Tahu)
Born in Auckland, Lonnie works as a full time multi - media artist. She appears under the different guises of painter, screen-printer, sculptor, installation artist and performer. She hold a degree in spatial design and sculpture from Unitech and is a practising art teacher. Lonnie has exhibited in many exhibitions and is currently the Macmillan Brown Pacific Island artist in Residence at the University of Canterbury.
"Navigator /navigation - leaving stars, boats and compasses aside, my work speaks about the paths and opportunities that are out there. The journey of life, the mapping of mistakes and learnt knowledge."

1) Its All Good ... 2000
Cabin bread crackers, wool, shellac, paint
60 x 70 cm
2) Malaga 1998
Demolition Kauri wood
22(aprox.) x 31 x 6 x 12 cm each
installation: 50 x 300 cm
3) Cream 1998
Performance installation Computer, cd rom, fala mat
(approx.)50 x 200 cm

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