Niki Hastings-McFall

Urban Lei Series 2000
sushi fish, paper, plastic, weedeater nylon, mother of pearl, silver
Series of 5: 240 x 50 cm
"This series of Lei is a response to the stereotyping which so often surrounds the South Pacific. As a European / Samoan I fit neither culture comfortably. Using the icon to question the myth is an attempt to navigate the waters which both separate and unite the different cultures that myself & others have evolved from. The work I produce is a direct result of this exploration."



Niki Hastings-McFall
Born 1959
Samoan /
New Zealand
Niki Hastings - McFall was born and lives in West Auckland. She first met with her father's Samoan family in 1992, shortly before his death. Since then her work has been increasingly driven by research into her mixed Pacific Island heritage. She trained and works as a jeweller, and has jewellery in Australian, New Zealand & American collections. She has completed a degree in Visual Arts at Manukau Institute of Technology.
"I have a personal interest in exploring the concept of ethnic hybridity."

1) 'Urban Lei' series 2000
a) Architect Lei
Architectural draughting paper, mother of pearl beads
240 x 50 cm
b) To Much Sushi Lei
Plastic sushi fish, sterling silver
240 x 50 cm
c) Milky Lei
Plastic milk bottles
220 x 50 cm
d) Nosy Neighbour Lei
Net curtain, glass beads
1 x 50 cm
e) Wild West Weekend Lei
Rolled weedeater nylon
220 x 50 cm
2) The Coming of the Light: Malie !Malie ! Malie! 2000
Roadsign reflector tape (generously supplied by 3 M), perspex, fishing paraphernalia
(approx.) 300 x 300 cm

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