Robyn Kahukiwa

Ko Te Hongi, Te Mihi, Mana Nui (diptych) 2000
Oil on canvas
182 x 200 cm
"Ko Te Hongi iho no nga tipuna: The hongi is handed down from the ancestors. Te mihi, Te mihi nui, Te mihi Mana nui: The greeting, The big greeting The greeting of great mana. (prestige). You can read this across and down on the painting, the pressing of noses and inhalation of each other's breath is the traditional greeting of Maori, the indigenous people of Aotearoa, New Zealand."



Robyn Kahukiwa
Born 1940
(Ngati Porou /
Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti /
Ngati Hau /
Ngati Konohi /
Whanau a Ruatapare)
Born in Sydney, Robyn Kahukiwa moved back to New Zealand in the late 1950s. Based in Rotorua, Kahukiwa is a leading Maori artist who has done much to raise awareness of Contemporary Maori art on the world stage. A staunch supporter of of Maori rights and the power and prestige of Maori women, she has been exhibiting nationaly and internationally for over 30 years and has works in major museum collections worldwide. As well as painting, drawing printmaking and sculpture, Kahukiwa writes and illustrates childrens books.
"My art is about Mana Maori, and the afffirmation of Maori identity. It is based on our earliest traditions while marking our cultural continuance in Te Ao Hurihuri, today's world."

1) Ko Te Hongi, Te Mihi, Mana Nui (diptych) 2000
Oil on canvas
Panel 1: 182 x 100 cm
Panel 2: 182 x 100 cm
2) Nga Tipuna Ki Mua Ko Tatau Kei Muri
(The Ancestors in Front, We are Behind) 1996
Oil on canvas
202 x 620.3 cm

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