Sale Jessop

This Monkey's Gone to Heaven 2000
Paint, wood, tin, light bulb
94 x 150 x 25 cm
"The word monkey is a metaphor for all the labels, stereotypes and ugly names people call each other and even Jesus. The cross represents Christ and Heaven in the title. The title was taken from a song by the Pixies . The work is no way an attempt to interpret the song. I merely completed the work itself, when the song came on the radio and I liked the chorus - so I used it."



Sale Jessop
Born 1966
Auckland born, Niuean artist Jessop is currently working as art teacher at Niue High School, Alofi, Niue. Jessop is part of a movement of young Niuean artists working to define a contemporary visual language for Niue . He has exhibited in many exhibition, most recently 'Ring of Fire' Auckland and 'Beyond the Future' -The Third Asia Pacific Triennial, Queensland Art Gallery.
"I'm a product of South Auckland. I'm a kiwi born Niuean. I came to Niue to complete and experience the journey. This is homebase. No traffic jams, no stuck up shop assistants, no murders, no gangs, just freedom, peace and lots to learn - plant taros, fish, language."

1) This Monkey's Gone to Heaven 2000
Paint, wood, steel, tin, light -bulb
90 x 150 x 25 cm

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